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We charge a fixed monthly fee for our services.

Our monthly fee is currently £115+VAT. This includes the following:

1) Personal consultantion on your business and requirements

2) Linking to any existing PPC advertising accounts

3) Complete campaign design (including keyword research, ad copy, deep links to specific parts of your website)

4) Daily monitoring and fine tuning of your campaigns

5) Fortnightly advertising reports

We provide a single itemised invoice each month showing our fee and all pay per click charges for a campaign, which are passed on at cost.

Charging a fixed month fee (as opposed to a percentage of click fees) ensures we are not incentivised to maximise your spend on clicks and allows us to concentrate on delivering the best possible return on investment.

We do not request a 'lock in' contract with clients, all of whom are free to end their relationship with us at any time (with one month's notice). We have a policy of never working with clients who are in direct competition with one another.